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People matter, at least that’s what we believe. We invest in founders just like you because we were you. Relentless, following instincts you can’t possibly explain, but know are right. And failure isn’t an option.

Trust us, we get it…

Hi, we’re Charlie and Tommy, approachable, energetic, and upbeat friends who like to build successful companies, together. And we’d love to get to know you.

partner / strategy


I believe in the freedom that entrepreneurship brings. In the power of a strong team, and what it means to be a thought leader. I know what it takes to build a company, and how to overcome the struggles that founders have to face to be successful. 

partner / connector


I understand the importance of a powerful network. In the opportunities that it can bring, and how to unite those relationships for success. I have spent my life as a connector, and my goal is to build a legacy for the future.

partner / connector


I understand the importance of a powerful network. In the opportunities that it can bring, and how to unite those relationships for success. I have spent my life as a connector, and my goal is to build a legacy for the future.

Let's build success, together.

Extraordinary doesn't happen
by accident.

Ordinary is boring, but extraordinary doesn’t happen by accident. Starting a company is tough, and most fail. To be extraordinary, you need a trusted partner that’s willing to invest more than just money. From the very beginning, we inject worthy tech companies like yours with early-stage capital, strategic mentorship, and valuable connections so you can win.


We always have been and always will be entrepreneurs, and believe that it’s “people” that build truly successful companies.

What we offer founders like you:




Let's be extraordinary, together.

We look for ideas that redefine normal.

With so many unknowns at the early stage, it’s almost like you’re creating something from nothing. Even though we’ve done this a lot, we stay humble and hustle every day. It’s not that we have something to prove, it’s just in our DNA.

There are winners and there are losers, and when we play, we play to win. Redefining normal is just our way of life.

A few of our winning partnerships:

Let's win, together.

Your role as a founder.

Many breakthrough companies began as one or two-person ideas that then ascended to full-fledged profitable organizations. But it wasn’t just the idea that got them there. Your role as a founder is to answer the difficult questions about the way you solve your market’s problem, the best ways to communicate your value, how to distinguish yourself from the competition, who you bring on board to build your team of superstars, and how to motivate them to win.

Over the years we’ve identified a startup success formula that has proven true many times over, and we want to help you answer these questions and so many more…

Startup success formula:

market need

Identify the one opportunity that your product or service creates for your target market & focus on that. When building your product roadmap, you should be checking back regularly to make sure that you don’t stray off course.

disruptive & innovative

Your competitive advantage may be more than just the technology. It may be that your value is disruptively innovative because you have infused some sort of technology into your process, & that gives you a powerful market advantage.

unique ip​

You have to constantly challenge the normal way of thinking. If one of your competitors is doing things a certain way, you should do the opposite. Create something unique to ensure that you can’t be easily copied. 

strong founder

Resilience is a characteristic of most successful founders. But that comes with a price. Good founders need to be agile & know when to pivot. There is a fine line between determination & insanity, & winning founders know the difference.

defined go to market strategy

Customers are more likely to buy a product or service with a singular focused value proposition. So when defining your GTMS, your value proposition should be your beacon of light when deciding how best to approach your market.

domain space authority

Being an authority builds immediate consumer confidence. No one can be an expert in everything, so carve out your niche & become the jedi of your domain space. Only a master can truly understand what opportunities make sense.

Let's break through, together.

Together is a powerful word.

For years researchers have studied what makes teams successful, and there’s one word that keeps popping up. A word that has been shown to motivate teams the most. It’s a word that when applied to business predicts motivation, improves employee engagement, accelerates performance, and delivers success.

Just saying the word “TOGETHER” can be the most powerful word you can say to create a winning work environment. This one powerful word instantly reinforces employees that they are connected, working harmoniously towards a common goal.

And it’s a word that we live by.

Let's do this, together.

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